Online casinos operate on a large volume of players’ personal data in order to verify them and provide their services. Moreover, the bigger and older the casino, the more information they have. So, a large and reliable casino, take at least PlayAmo Casino Canada, which provides a huge selection of games, good conditions, and generous bonuses can count on 15-20 million people a year. This is a huge figure and an enormous amount of information.

But what data does the above-mentioned online casino store? Everything. All that you enter when registering on the platform – your PlayAmo Casino Canada Login name and password, last name and first name, date of birth, gender, city and country of residence, email, phone number. The casino also stores information about financial transactions, usage history, and even your preferences in games.

Agree, a huge amount of data that needed to ensure reliability and security.

How to choose cloud solutions and what are their characteristics for online casinos

Online casino operators keep track of all trends in the field of data processing and storage since this is one of the fundamental points in the implementation of their activities. Given the demand for cloud services, leading market representatives are also starting to work with these technologies. When choosing them, it is necessary to take into account that an acceptable and effective cloud solution for the gambling business must meet the following requirements:


the server is as reliable as possible, protected from DDoS attacks, and is not subject to other external interference. The functioning of an online establishment completely depends on the server’s security, which is susceptible to attacks from both hackers and competitors who resort to “black” methods.

Stability and speed of response

The sites of gambling establishments attract a large flow of users from different countries, so the server must withstand the increased load and instantly respond to the actions of the players.

High performance of the platform and the presence of a roadmap for its development

A cloud provider must guarantee the platform’s lifespan for three to four years, as well as have a plan for its development and work on a new version. Data centers constantly require investments, so it is advisable to choose providers that have transparent policies and hold conferences on plans for the future.

Round-the-clock service 24/7

Uninterrupted operation is of great importance for online casinos since losses will amount to several tens of thousands of dollars even if the site is down for just a couple of minutes.

How quickly do you need to follow the latest technologies and what determines the speed of their implementation in online casinos?

Online casino operators operate legally under gambling licenses and are regularly audited by independent regulators. In order to meet the high requirements of the auditing authorities, online establishments must evolve in step with the times and use advanced technologies to store player data.

At the moment, in this matter, physical servers located in the European Union are of higher priority, since they are more protected from leaks and hacker attacks. Meanwhile, the leading players in the gambling market continue to invest in the latest technologies, including the cloud. Now, even on physical servers, virtual systems are being deployed, which work much faster and make it possible to organize more comfortable information storage.

Thus, online casinos are developing together with innovative technologies and investing in modern cloud computing in order to increase the level of protection of players’ data, as well as reduce the risks of system hacking and penetration by unauthorized persons.

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