Having years of experience as affiliates of the best casinos in the UK, we’ve learned a lot about the different Blackjack games you get on all these platforms.

You’d be surprised at the sheer number of different titles out there, especially when you consider that it’s a game whose rules don’t change much even between the different variations that exist.

Therefore, it is possible to find games that are:

  • Very simple, with basic graphics.
  • With 3D graphics for more realism.
  • Driven by a real dealer.

With so much variety, you might be wondering how you could possibly choose between them all. And don’t worry, having so many years of experience in the industry, we can immediately spot a good game from a worthless one.

Here’s what to check:

  • That it is within a licensed site.
  • That it allows you to place different bets.
  • That it can be enjoyed from your mobile.

If you prefer, we have a number of TOPs you can go to that will take you straight to a licensed site where playing is both safe and fun. After all, we don’t sponsor dodgy platforms.

In the rest of this free Blackjack guide, you’ll get more information to help you play game after game on the best platforms in the UK – from their rules to the easiest way to beat the dealer with strategy.

You’ll be an expert in no time!

What are the rules of online blackjack?

You may have heard about blackjack from a friend, an article or by browsing a site like this one and want to discover this card game, also called blackjack, 21. The number of points or points you must score on each card to beat the dealer with a blackjack.

Our various variants of online blackjack will give you the opportunity to get familiar with this popular card game: you will learn here the rules and strategies of this online blackjack game, such as when to hit or stand, tricks like blackjack card counting, its betting systems, like martingales, some useful online blackjack player strategies, as well as its history.

Online blackjack has some undeniable advantages. It is essential to start having fun with this game for free before you go to a casino and play your money, starting with your first cards. You won’t do that until your technique is fine-tuned and until you have perfectly understood and acquired the skill in this game. More on how to play online blackjack below.

Online blackjack, we all know what it is all about and we all know how important it is to make sure that we offer users to learn a new game, better than poker.

To begin with, you will enter a game of European online blackjack, as this widespread variant will quickly introduce you to the rules and characteristics of classic blackjack as practised in real casinos, on the internet and in official black jack card game tournaments, considered to be a game of skill and mental dexterity like poker, you know why? It is because of one of the main strategies of blackjack, card counting, which deals and the dealer’s remaining cards, card counting is not allowed. Free blackjack games are the best way to avoid having to dip into your pocket. Learn the basics of online blackjack on our site.

This is a fun game that appeals to all types of players and with rules and strategies that are easy to grasp, we recommend you play and try a little and see how you get on. We have a wide variety of games waiting for you.

Your brain can’t fall asleep at any time, during the game and during betting, to know when to check or when to split, or when to draw another card… while playing blackjack. Play now to discover the rewards that online blackjack has to offer.

How to play Blackjack online?

Before you start enjoying all those free titles, you’ll need to answer one key question: how to play Blackjack online. Luckily for you, we’ve got that information for you below.

The steps to play Blackjack online are:

  1. Place your desired bet.
  2. Wait for the dealer to deal two cards.
  3. Check the values of the cards you received.
  4. Decide whether to stand, double down or split.
  5. Check the result. Whoever got closest to 21 points wins.

Remember, in this case, you are playing free Blackjack, so any bets you place are fictitious, meaning you don’t have to fear losing your money if you are beaten by the dealer.

This will bring you many advantages, which we will explain below, from playing free blackjack without downloading anything on your electronic devices to getting more hours of play than a professional card player.

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