In order to enrich our odds, it is important to take into account the possible combination bets. In order for you to master them to perfection, we explain everything you need to know about parlay betting.

What is a multi bet?

Multi bets are bets in which several variables (2 or more) must be present for the bet to be considered a winner, and all the variables must be correct. They are compound bets that are made up of the sum of several single bets that already existed on their own. By adding the different single bets together, the odds will increase, making them in many cases more interesting for the bettor.

Combined bets are very popular today, with the advantage that the possible winnings increase a lot, as the final odds multiply the individual odds. Single bets, which at first glance are not very attractive, are grouped together and become an attractive combined bet.

However, the risk also increases, as all of the various assumptions involved in the multi-bet must be met in order for the bet to be successful, and not just one, as is the case with single bets.

Types of multi bets

There are different types of parlay bets, the most general are:

  • Double accumulator bet: Also known as a two-way bet, these are accumulator bets in which two different odds are combined. In this case, the odds of both events will be multiplied together to produce the final odds. Both selections must be successful for the accumulator bet to be a winner.
  • Triple accumulator bet: An accumulator bet that is made up of the sum of three individual bet selections. The odds of each individual bet are multiplied together to produce the final odds of the triple accumulator. All three bets must be successful in order to win the triple accumulator.

In addition to these, there is another more complex type of multiple bet, the so-called Trixie bet, which is a multiple bet formed from three single bets. That is to say, in trixies bets, we select three individual predictions, these are combined in three double bets and at the same time in a triple bet, giving us a total of four combined bets in which each one has its own odds. For example:

We select Real Madrid, Rafa Nadal and Boston Celtics to win in a Trixie Bet, which translates into the three possible double bets:

  • Rafa Nadal + Real Madrid.
  • Rafa Nadal + Boston Celtics.
  • Boston Celtics + Real Madrid.

And a triple bet:

  • Rafa Nadal + Real Madrid + Boston Celtics.

To make a profit we will have to match at least 2 of the 4 assumptions. Our total bet amount is divided between the 4 assumptions, meaning that ΒΌ of the total amount has been bet on each assumption.

With this type of bet, the potential profits are exponentially increased, allowing us the luxury of failing predictions without the bet falling completely, it will only fall partially.

How do you place a multi bet? Examples 

Photos taken at Las Vegas.

To place a multi bet, all you need to do is log on to where you will find a wide range of sporting events to bet on. You can place multi bets on any sport, not just football.

Once inside the Betway website, you can enter the sporting event of your choice and find a multitude of multi bets or create your own multi bet in the “Create your Bet” section, where you can add all your predictions.

In addition, you can access the “Superbets” section, where Betway has prepared different combined bets that it offers us on the sporting events that take place every day.

For example, for tonight, as Superquotas, Betway highlights the LaLiga Santander match: Celta de Vigo – Elche. Offering us a odds of @2.50 for Celta’s victory + Iago Aspas’ goal.

On the Granada – Atletico Madrid match tomorrow Saturday, Betway offers us a odds of @4.50 for the combination: Atletico win + Both teams score.

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