Jocelyn Burtis - Designer and Baker, Sugarbelle Cakes

Jocelyn has always had a passion for the arts and displayed her interest at a very young age. Throughout the years, Jocelyn was developing her creativity and skills through programs at Mohawk College and by completing the Art Foundation Studies program at Dundas Valley School of Art.

Jocelyn has been making cakes for friends and family for a number of years. In 2007, she realized it had become a passion. In order to further her knowledge in the art, she took courses at Klara Johnson’s school of confectionery and pastry art and also with The Food Network’s Courtney Clark and Michelle Bommarito.

Jocelyn truly adores being the owner of Sugarbelle Cakes, which allows her to express her creativity through designing and baking of specialty cakes.

"What better job could there be than one that is all about making people smile! The greatest joy I get it seeing the happiness in someone's face when they see their own little edible work of art that I have created just for them!"